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Elliott Smith

Release Date: July 21, 1995
The self-titled album features single "Needle In The Hay" and "Christian Brothers".

Song: "Christian Brothers" performed with Heatmiser
Recorded at Heatmiser House in the Irvington neighborhood in Portland on November 12, 1995

KEVIN MOYER: OK here is Elliott with Heatmiser. This is the full band doing their version of a song that Elliott released solo on his Self-Titled album in 1995. Tony Lash mixed this version after Larry dug it up from the archives many years later. I love this version and all the layers and the waves of warm sound that it becomes.

NICKOLAS ROSSI: The bass line alone is incredible. I thought it would be a great to use a familiar Elliott song performed by his band while the conversation in the film started hinted at things starting to be difficult in collaborations and to hint at the time where Elliott would start rebelling against his own band. I felt like having a Heatmiser version of an Elliott Smith song was about as clear as we could get in illustrating the beginning of the tension.

LARRY CRANE: I love the heavier power of this version. I struggle to understand why it would have been recorded after the solo version had been released, but it showcases Heatmiser at their best, and how they could present Elliott's songs in their own way.

TONY LASH (Heatmiser drummer): Sam Coomes is playing bass on this one. As far as I know, Christian Brothers was arranged as a Heatmiser song before Elliott recorded or performed it solo. We recorded it during the sessions for Mic City Sons but it was not mixed at that time because by then Elliott had decided to use his solo version on his 2nd album. I was disappointed because I thought the Heatmiser version was really strong. I don't remember talking with Elliott specifically about why he preferred his version. It eventually faded from my memory until Larry unearthed the multitrack and sent over a rough mix when he was archiving everything in 2008/2009. I asked him to send over the tracks so that I could do a proper mix for my own collection. I'm glad Larry unearthed it. I like the intensity of it.

Elliot Smith

Released: 1995

1995 show highlights

October 14, 1995
Pansy Division
The Posies, Elliott Smith, and Pluto
Birdland, Halifax, NS, Canada

March 31, 1995
Elliott Smith
Ultrasound, Toronto, ON, Canada

March 6, 1995
Elliott Smith
Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA, US

February 12, 1995
Elliott Smith
Old Fire House Teen Center, Redmond, WA, US

Performance at Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, 2000

Janet Weiss's house in South East Portland off Hawthorne Blvd

Unknown Song (instrumental) was recorded in May 1994 at Janet Weiss's house in South East Portland off Hawthorne Blvd

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Elliott and Larry Crane open their recording studio Jackpot! in Portland early February 1997
2420 SE 50th Avenue, Portland 97206

Figure 8 Memorial outside Solutions Audio at 4334 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles

Sonora Records
3222 Los Feliz Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90039

Elliott buys New Monkey Studios in the 1990s.
New Monkey Studio in Van Nuys, California

Santa Paula, California
"Plainclothes Man" music video directed by Ross Harris was shot entirely in Santa Paula, California

Read more about the video here:

Colonia, Oxnard
"Coming Up Roses" music video directed by Ross Harris was filmed in the Colonia District in Oxnard, California.

May 3, 1997
Elliott Smith
Stinkweeds, Phoenix, AZ, US

September 19, 2003
Redfest 2003
Pedro the Lion, Elliott Smith, and The Gunshy
Salt Lake City, UT, US

November 6, 2000
Elliott Smith
Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO, US

Steven Paul "Elliott Smith" is born August 6, 1969 at the Clarkson Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska

March 15, 2000 - March 19, 2000
SXSW 2000
Cypress Hill, Patti Smith, At the Drive-In, Meat Puppets, Ugly Casanova, and Elliott Smith Austin, TX, US

October 20, 2000
Elliott Smith
Howlin' Wolf, New Orleans, LA US

April 1, 1997
Elliott Smith
400 Bar, Minneapolis, MN, US

February 26, 2000
Elliott Smith
The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL, US

April 8, 1997
Elliott Smith
Sudsy Malone's, Cincinnati, OH, US

April 5, 1998
Elliott Smith
The Point, Atlanta, GA, US

May 10, 2000
Elliott Smith
Ritz Theater, Raleigh, NC US


April 17, 1998
Elliott Smith
Black Cat, Washington, DC, US


Elliott performs "Waltz #2" on Saturday Night Live, October 17, 1998
New York

MAR 31, 1997

Elliott Smith at First Avenue, Fargo, ND, USA


APR 10, 1999

Elliott Smith at The Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS, USA


Apr 7, 1997

Elliott Smith at The Club Soda, Kalamazoo, MI, USA


NOV 2, 2000

Elliott Smith at Southgate House, Newport, KY, USA


MAR 19, 1999

Elliott Smith at Exit/In, Nashville, TN, USA


MAR 15, 1999

Elliott Smith at Sapphire Supper Club, Orlando, FL, USA


OCT 27, 2000

Elliott Smith at Recher Theatre, Towson, MD, USA